Speedtree billboard vegetation

posted Nov 25, 2013, 3:38 AM by Per Björn   [ updated Nov 26, 2013, 10:52 PM ]


This is a project to enable some of my favorite vegetation to survive into Trainz 2012 native mode.

The textures are by Voytas and Vendel, and the meshes are created by McGuirel. Thanks all for letting me use your content to release this.

They are released on the DLS: 

  • <KUID:191567:100912>    Billboard las1
  • <KUID:191567:100913>    Billboard las2
  • <KUID:191567:100914>    Billboard las3
  • <KUID:191567:100915>    Billboard las4
  • <KUID:191567:100918>    Billboard las5
  • <KUID:191567:100919>    Billboard las6
  • <KUID:191567:100916>    Billboard las7
  • <KUID:191567:100917>    Billboard las8
  • <KUID:191567:100920>    Billboard las9
  • <KUID:191567:100921>    Billboard las10
  • <KUID:191567:100922>    Billboard las11
  • <KUID:191567:100923>    Billboard las FMA Shrubs 37137

Since this is not my original content I will not be distributing any source files for these items.

The original objects on which these are based:


These objects can mask other objects when trying to click them in the surveior map, so keep them in there own layers in surveior. A fast method to apply them is to create small sample areas on and extra baseboard and use cut and paste from there to paint vegetation on the areas that you want to populate. You can work almost like you do with a brush, just some more clicking.

Since they are Speedtree billboards they have a very low performance impact. If you enable performance statistics  Surveyor you cold probably aim form 30 - 50 000 of these speed tree billboards in view.

/Per Björn